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Although we make it look easy, selling a house is hard work. Buyers are savvy; you can’t just stick a sign on the lawn and a nice picture on the internet and expect top results. You must use the latest tools and be very creative to get noticed.

WEB PRESENCE : The internet has changed real estate. 90% of homebuyers rely on the internet as their primary search tool. Real estate related searches on Google have grown 253% over the past 4 years.

VIDEO : You Tube has become the 2nd highest used search engine after Google, and streams over 4 billion videos each day. We understand the effectiveness of video. We are expert home promoters and our Video Home Tours showcase your home in the best possible light, so buyers will fall in love more easily and offer you more money.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING : 27 percent of time spent online is now spent on social networks. There are 1.1 billion active users on Facebook, 550 million active users on Twitter, and millions more on other social media sites. Every minute Facebook users share 684,478 pieces of content. People want to connect, learn and be entertained.

MOBILE DEVICES : It is estimated that in 2014 mobile online traffic will surpass desktop online traffic. 89% of home buyers use their mobile devices in their home search. That’s why we designed to include ‘responsive design’ so that our site is just as helpful and easy to use on your cell phone as your laptop.

MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE : With almost 12 million hits last quarter on, the MLS system is by far the single most powerful tool used today in the real estate industry. All serious potential buyers are on-line watching MLS, waiting for the perfect home and if they are not, their agent is. We'll make sure your home is there to greet them.

COMMUNITY PRESENCE : We are extremely involved and visible in our community because we understand that real estate is a local business.


Video home tour
Neighbourhood sneak peek
Expert negotiations
Social media marketing
Strategic pricing
Professional representation
Home Staging

Handling of legal documents
Guarantee of services in writing
Realtor open house
Professional website
Full colour marketing brochures
Professional lawn sign
Public open house

Community involvement
QR Codes
Mobile device marketing
Coordinate Home Inspection
MLS system
Print advertising
Prepare home for market