concierge service

Relax, we do this every day! 

Being remarkable at delivering a client experience is the new bar in real estate. 

At Home&Company, we are looking beyond just listing or selling your house, or managing your real estate transaction, to deliver a remarkable and bespoke service experience.

Buying or selling a home isn’t a simple transaction. It is one of the most stressful and costly experiences in a person’s life. We understand our clients’ way beyond marketing and selling their home and work hard to remove any inconvenience and hiccups, not only during the home selling transaction, but well before and after the actual process begins and ends.

Once they contact us, our clients don’t have to worry about a thing.  

We have developed an innovative ‘concierge’ service program that will help ensure a smooth moving experience. From cleaning and staging, to collecting boxes, to hiring a mover and lawyer, to changing their drivers’ license … relax, we do this every day. 

Our network of local home service professionals and trusted partners, on our “May We Recommend” program, delivers peace of mind and eliminates unexpected surprises while offering the same signature care and service as our realtors do.  This carefully curated list has been built slowly, over time, as we discover people who are experts in their fields and as passionate about their client experience as we are.

Likewise, our epic ‘Moving Checklist’ will help guide and keep you on track, so you’ll be sure to have everything done well before the big day. Remember, we’ve done this before.

All this, while of course, delivering outstanding results.