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41 Main Street South Bayfield ON N0M 1G0

Historic Georgian Style Mansion in Bayfield
41 Main Street South, Bayfield ON N0M 1G0
MLS# 40496384

111 Huron Road Sebringville ON N0K 1X0

Contemporary Converted Fire Hall
111 Huron Road, Sebringville ON N0K 1X0
MLS# 40480968

40 Daly Avenue Stratford ON N5A 1B8

Completely Reimagined Historic Hillside Home
40 Daly Avenue, Stratford ON N5A 1B8
MLS# 40500750

81 Little Thames Place Stratford ON N4Z 1H1

Live Big on Little Thames Place!
81 Little Thames Place, Stratford ON N4Z 1H1
MLS# 40486875

30 Vanevery Way Stratford ON N5A 8C1

Viva Vanevery!
30 Vanevery Way, Stratford ON N5A 8C1
MLS# 40471609

15 Joffre Street Stratford ON N5A 5J8

Discover Timeless Elegance in the Heart of Stratford!
15 Joffre Street, Stratford ON N5A 5J8
MLS# 40508691

36 Front Street Suite 103 Stratford ON N5A 0C2

Front & Fabulous!
36 Front Street, Suite 103, Stratford ON N5A 0C2
MLS# 40515159

103 Nile Street Stratford ON N5A 4C7

Contemporary Notting Hill-esque Design!
103 Nile Street, Stratford ON N5A 4C7
MLS# 40500719

67 Deer Ridge Lane Bayfield ON N0M 1G0

New Construction in Picturesque Bayfield
67 Deer Ridge Lane, Bayfield ON N0M 1G0
MLS# 40499266

46 Trail Side Drive St Marys ON N4X 1C4

Beautifully Designed Bickell Built Home!
46 Trail Side Drive, St Marys ON N4X 1C4
MLS# 40428398

56 Front Street Stratford ON N5A 4G5

Create a Future on Front!
56 Front Street, Stratford ON N5A 4G5
MLS# 40482566

126 Glass Street St Marys ON N4X 0C1

Efficient and Elegant Bickell Built Bungalow
126 Glass Street, St Marys ON N4X 0C1
MLS# 40497121

159 Station Road Sebringville ON N0K 1X0

Character, charm and craftsmanship unite.
159 Station Road, Sebringville ON N0K 1X0
MLS# 40507270

289 Douglas Street Stratford ON N5A 5R1

Classic Yellow Brick Beauty!
289 Douglas Street, Stratford ON N5A 5R1
MLS# 40483360

255 John Street North Unit 213 Stratford ON N5A 0G7

Contemporary Condo in "Villas of Avon"
255 John Street North Unit 213, Stratford ON N5A 0G7
MLS# 40492085

42 Avon Street Stratford ON N5A 5N4

Absolute Charmer on Avon!
42 Avon Street, Stratford ON N5A 5N4
MLS# 40505633

350 O'Loane Avenue 3 Stratford ON N5A 0J2

City Meets Nature Townhome!
350 O'Loane Avenue #3, Stratford ON N5A 0J2
MLS# 40506386

252 Queen Street Stratford ON N5A 4P1

Prime location, plenty of possibilities!
252 Queen Street, Stratford ON N5A 4P1
MLS# 40500730 & 40501749

107 Kathryn Crescent Stratford ON N5A 6W9

Timeless Charm with Modern Updates!
107 Kathryn Crescent, Stratford ON N5A 6W9
MLS# 40503355

171 Hooper Street St Marys ON N4X 0A8

Stunning New Toran Modern Townhome by Bickell Built Homes!
171 Hooper Street, St Marys ON N4X 0A8
MLS# 40506517

26 Trow Avenue Stratford ON N5A 4L6

Ready to write a new chapter!
26 Trow Avenue, Stratford ON N5A 4L6
MLS# 40480126

164 Downie Street Unit 302 Stratford ON N5A 1X1

164 Downie Street Unit 302, Stratford ON N5A 1X1
MLS# 40503729

SOLD 101 St Vincent Street North Stratford ON N5A 6H5

Sorry! I'm SOLD!
SOLD!! 101 St Vincent Street North, Stratford ON N5A 6H5

SOLD 147 Ash Street Crystal Lake ON N5A 6S6

Sorry! I'm SOLD!
SOLD!! 147 Ash Street, Crystal Lake, ON N5A 6S6